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Monday, January 27, 2014

Past Lives: Alex and the China Connection

An excerpt from my award-winning book: INSIGHTS: The Healing Paths of the Radical Spiritualist.

Alex was a tall, wiry student, who enjoyed school, particularly mathematics and geography. He sang in the choir at the local Episcopalian church, helped his father in an auto-repair shop and was supposed to be a good choice for getting married, settling down and having a family. His passion was photography and collecting pictures of lions.

One night when he was twenty-two his mother passed his room and heard a strange voice. Curious, she opened the bedroom door. The bedside light was still on and Alex was fast asleep. She moved closer. Words in a foreign language were coming out of his mouth. Shocked, she called her husband. He taped the sounds on a tape recorder. .

The next day, they played the tape it to Alex, who listened with a straight face. Suddenly he smiled. “That’s Chinese…Cantonese…it sounds as if I’m teaching school.” Strangely, he showed no surprise at all in fact he was vaguely amused by the revelation.

Alex called me early one morning. “I need to explore my past lives. Something is happening.” He would not tell me what prompted the call. As he relaxed in my therapy recliner going into trance, he casually talked of life in a village somewhere in northern China. His voice tensed. Suddenly he was in a medical school, training as a doctor. “Now I’m being told I cannot graduate…they need medical students at the front…there is a war…the Japanese are killing my people.”

I asked him for the name of the place and time.

Alex paused to think for a moment. “It’s the summer of 1937..it’s the old town of Wanping…thick walls, like a fortress…Marco Polo…there is a bridge and we are trying to carry out the wounded…so much blood…why do I want to be a doctor..I am nauseous…”.

Alex’s body perspired as he related memories of the Sino-Japanese War. He told of how he was wounded in the leg, and returned to graduate as a doctor, only to be wounded again by a stray bullet in the Chinese Civil War of 1945. He recovered and started training medical recruits, but this was short-lived. He died of blood poisoning a few months later.

As we finished the session, Alex sat up. “That’s given me a lot to think about. I’ve had many dreams with an oriental theme. Now they make sense. I have to go back.”

I looked at him quizzically.

“China,” he said. “I have to go back. There are things to do.”

A year later I received a letter with a China postmark. “I am now in Beijing teaching English to Chinese business people. Thanks for your help in healing. If you ever come over I’ll take you to the Marco Polo Bridge. Now I understand why I always liked lions. The bridge is full of lion statues.”

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Sunday, January 19, 2014


There is a group on LinkedIn called "Historical Novels" --  a very active group and the question a member posed was "Why do you write Historical Novels? Off the top of my head this was my reply.

In a word: Escapism! After putting out the garbage, listening to the national news interrupted by pill producers plugging their wares that "may be fatal", being mentally tortured by the hell fire drivers on the New Jersey Turnpike, it's great to escape to Czarist Russia, discovering why so many Spanish Jews secured refuge in Salonika, Greece, wondering why the Americans in the 1820s called those years "Era of Good Feelings" and so on.

(Work in progress) In my latest epic it is 1937 at a small dairy farm in upstate New York. A 17 year-old boy falls in love with a 20 year old wonderful artist from Long Island. He lives a pastoral life. His father, a WWI conscientious objector from the UK forbids guns of any kind. (Did you know such British objectors were taken to France where, if they refused to fight, were executed by firing squad?)


Well, I needed a war for the kid to get involved in. 1937? It's the Spanish Civil War. Apart from Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls I knew little about Spain. After weeks of studying I now know some Basque, what salted cod tastes like and I know how to operate a German Phanomen Granit ambulance, the sounds of a PPD 34 Russian sub-machine gun plus lots more.

When I finish loading the dishwasher, leaving my partner to watch Jeopardy I'm off with my farm boy and his beautiful artist to the Spanish Civil War. That's escapism. That's the joy of historical fiction. I enjoy making it real. I hope the reader comes along for an adventure in history.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014


By Robert Egby

The advances being made by technology must be triggering thoughts of acute invasions of privacy and perhaps other ways for sue-happy Americans to make big bucks.

If one watches the nightly news one cannot miss recent advances made in drone culture – those remotely piloted flying machines – that can do everything from dropping bombs, firing rockets, assassinating unsavory characters riding camels in the Sinai to monitoring the borders between Canada and the United States, and of course Mexico.

Today, drone culture is now coming into the home stretch, so to speak. The New York Times on January 1st wrote about how anyone with a thousand dollars or so can purchase a commercial drone that records great video and photographs from a thousand feet up of any target the operator cares to name. And if by any chance your pet drone accidentally flies out of range and operator control, the craft is programmed to resort to its own GPS and fly automatically back to its operator and launch point.

We mentioned commercial drones to a hobby shop owner in Mount Holly, NJ and the fellow reacted bluntly: “It will put us out of business.” It could also hurt others. For instance drones might curb the reins of the paparazzi, those diehard lens folk who harass celebs and others. On second thoughts the ardent ones will probably invest in a fleet of foto-drones which may well result in the headline: “Actor guns down paparazzi drones.”

But let’s look at drone culture from a home point of view. Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Jane America are tanning themselves by their pool. Their sharp-eyed kid spots a “thing in the sky taking pictures” which triggers instant horror. It gets worse. The couple spots a photograph of themselves on Facebook. Let’s tighten the script: What if Jane is alone and the mailman comes knocking again and there’s that thing in the sky taking pictures? It’s great for blackmailers, private eyes. It’s probably old hat for NSA troopers.

A lot of American legislators must be racking their minds on how they will ensure guarantees of privacy from the air to their constituents.

Google Earth from space is one thing, but even with its candid cameras wandering around towns of the world, faces are conveniently fuzzed out to avoid recognition. But commercial drones with high definition cameras can easily and secretly secure close up pictures of Joe and Jane completely stark naked tanning themselves by the pool. For marketeers, drones have the ability to photograph what products such as brands of beer, rye or tea one serves outside.

Getting more serious, such privately airborne cameras could also photograph secret documents innocently left on the poolside table. If you don’t think so, think again: commercial drones over America or any country make spying easy. Satellites stationed in space can easily read car license plates. The advocates of privacy are going to have their work cut out to ensure protection against the private and commercial invaders from the sky.

They used to say a person’s home is his or her castle but the invaders are back so it’s highly likely that a whole lot of legislation is going to be penned. For instance one question that will call for solid answers is based on this: if your quarter acre lot is measured in terms of area, how high does your property go into the sky? A hundred feet, a thousand feet, perhaps even higher. At what point can you say your personal air space is being violated by a privately owned drone?

And what if one of these privately owned drones crashes into your back yard and creates all sorts of damage? Who pays? Does the operator have to acquire liability insurance for possible damages his or her drone might incur? Does home insurance cover mechanical objects falling or crashing from the sky. If your commercial drone happens to accidentally kill either Joe or Jane America, will the family receive benefits? Insurance folk must be figuring these things out.

Then there’s the dedicated castle owner who cries: “If I see a bloody drone over my place, I’ll shoot the bastard down.” Being an American he’s likely to have a gun handy to prove his threat.

There is a high possibility that Joe and Jane will buy a drone-radar app for their Smart Phone which warns when a drone has invaded their air space. Not only detection it provides identification of the owner-operator. Of course, this opens another market for the well greased entrepreneur: home based guided missiles that can zero in on radio-operated drones and even follow the drone back to base before detonating. Fireworks manufacturers could well come out with rockets equipped with sensors to seek out drones. But that’s Hollywood, right?

When things get really serious, no doubt American arms dealers will come up with their version of the home based drone getting into the wrong hands and we’ll have our first assassination of a celebrity. With enhanced smart technology the civilian drone will not only complete the killing, but create video in high definition and automatically pipe it through to YouTube. Then the TV gurus will spend all week with their so-called specialists analyzing drone culture and what laws need to be enacted. This of course will lead to the kamikaze drone and the story goes on.

Ten years ago drone culture was still in the realm of science fiction. Today SF writers must be burning the midnight oil trying to figure out where we will be ten years hence. As one commentator recently expressed: “Most of the stuff we’ll be using in five years hasn’t been invented yet. Ten years? God knows!” However, stay tuned and watch the sky. Chances are somebody is watching you and it’s not necessarily your old friendly UFO from the next star system but the fellow from across the street.

George Orwell must be rocking in the Heavens.

Robert Egby is the author of UNPLUGGED: The Return of the Fathers a sci-fi novel set in the present. A complete set can be found at Robert Egby Books. UNPLUGGED and his other books are also available at Amazon Books U.S. and Amazon Books UK and for world-wide delivery at Book Depository UK.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Staying Out of the Getting Old Rut

An excerpt from Robert Egby’s Award Winning book:
INSIGHTS: The Healing Paths of the Radical Spiritualist.

It’s a sad fact of life, most people are programmed to get old simply through thoughts and conditioning.

“You’ll have to retire at sixty-five, then what are you going to do?” “Aunt Nelly died last year at sixty. Everyone said she would. It’s in the genes, you know.” “Cancer runs in our family. Takes everyone before they can really get old.” “Grandma lived to ninety-five. She spent half her life being old.” “You’re too old to go hiking.”

I like to think of such damaging remarks as mental and spiritual terrorism. Here’s why.

Our lives are full of suggestions and because some strike an emotional cords, the subconscious mind absorbs and merges them with a whole lot of other similar suggestions. Suggestive thoughts result from watching television, participating in social groups on the internet, or from reading newspapers and magazines, or somebody in our personal environment told us.

Remember the Self-Talk Suggestions earlier in this book? Well, there’s a whole bunch of folk out there, known as advertising moguls, who attempt, and quite often succeed in programming millions of people with a galaxy of negative possibilities. If you fail to hear or note them consciously, your marvelous subconscious mind faithfully records and stores them in your memory banks. It happens. The moguls spend billions of dollars creating buying patterns in the human mind.

For instance, how many times do you hear the TV ad instructing you to “Talk to your doctor.” It happens several times an hour, particularly during national news broadcasts at supper time.

A drug for controlling blood sugar in type-2 diabetics. There’s no problem with that. The real problem comes when a television viewer consciously or subconsciously hears such words as “Health effects associated with this drug use include an increased risk for heart attack, congestive heart failure, vision loss, and liver failure.” The advertisement is repeated several times during the hour and the information starts accumulating in the subconscious mind.

A person using the drug is already under stress and starts thinking – my vision is not so good, maybe I’m getting some of those other things, like liver failure…or maybe a heart attack.” They test their pulse. It seems fast. They remember the words “Ask your doctor.” Next morning they are seated waiting to see their physician. People have been programmed through repeated suggestions to “Talk to your doctor.” And we wonder why the American Health System is so bogged down.

The more people hear or see warning words on television or in the print media, the more they visualize it happening. As we explained at the beginning of this book, whatever you imagine in your body actually happens. If you imagine you’re relaxed you will be relaxed, if you imagine you’re well, you will be well, if you imagine you’re sick…

The question now is: Are Americans being systematically programmed to be sick? MEMO TO SPIRITUAL GROUPS: Start a nondenominational “Relax and Let Go” weekly circle. Nine out of ten people feel stressed - and suffer physical illnesses because of it. Objective: Reducing stress improves your life. Reflect on daily stressors, demonstrate relaxation and meditation, teach breathing, positive imagery, exercise and encourage good eating. Bring in special guest speakers.

Society likes us to grow old. It confuses the system if you do not conform. Never tell your life insurance agent that you plan to stay healthy and live to ninety, they may go into shock.

When you live in the Here and Now, the Prana, the Vital Force in your body starts to vibrate on a higher loving rate. Your body is not feeling the burden of negative past memories or concerns for the future. You are living in the Now.

Here are some practices you can do to stay healthy and feel young. Each one of these suggestions is like a meditation, a time to be with yourself, a special time. It does not have to be long, perhaps a few minutes ranging from ten to thirty minutes, whatever feels good for you. And they will pull you into the Here and Now.

LISTEN TO THE RAIN: On a rainy day, sit on the porch and watch and listen to the rain on the window or roof. Be totally with the rain as it washes and cleans everything that you can see. If you enjoy walking in the rain do that, perhaps carry an umbrella. Be with the rain in the Now.

The sound and feeling of the rain is washing away any stress, any tension, any negative thoughts. Sense your body relaxing and letting go. How does it feel listening to the rain? If old memories surface, observe them without judgment or comment and let them go where they will.

A FINE DAY WITH PRANA: Walking on a fine day is excellent for recharging body and mind energies with Prana. If you are in the open country, try this for energy building. Stand facing the sun, but don’t look at it. Feet spaced comfortably apart, hands and arms in the upside down Y shape. Close your eyes and perform the Yogi Complete Breath, slowly and easily. Do it ten times. When complete, thank whoever you pray to and walk home. As you do, you may well notice your hands tingling. That is Prana, and if you have someone sick at home, you may ask if you can lay your hands on their shoulders for a few minutes. They will probably enjoy it.

THE BAREFOOT MEDITATOR: Here is something I always enjoy. Walking barefoot on a clean, hard road or paved sidewalk for a few minutes. Walk slowly and watch your feet. Be in the Here and Now and be conscious of your body as your feet connect with the earth. Know that you are part of the Planet which in turn is part of the Solar System and the Universe. When you finish walking, sit on a bench , close your eyes and feel centered. This is excellent for grounding.

SENSING THE NATURAL WORLD: Find a quiet place such as a good cave, a seaside cove or a clearing in the forest. Be in the Here and Now. Totally impartial. Sit still and listen to your body. Observe it steadily relaxing. You may well hear your pulse, your heart beats slowing down. Sense any discomforts and stressors, dissolving from your body. Next, listen to the world around you. What are the sounds? Where do they originate? What are they saying? Sense the energy around you. Can you hear the trees breathing? Be patient. Do not strain to listen. Simply let the sounds and the feelings come. You will be pleasantly surprised at how your super-senses are developing.

The following exercises are fun things for adults to do. If you hesitate and start to make excuses, impartially observe your thoughts, your hesitations. Are there limitations holding you back? If so, where did you find them? Is your False Self blocking you? Observe these things without comment, judgment or opinion. If your partner says “You’re too old for that sort of thing,” stay cool and ask them to join you.

SWINGING ON A GATE: If you can find one of those sturdy wooden gates like they have on farms, get on and swing on it like you did when you were a young. You will be surprised at your reaction. Allow yourself to express your feelings. Cheer, smile, shout, scream, sing, or laugh. Finally, when you’ve had enough, find a seat somewhere, center your consciousness and check how your body, mind and spirit feel.

A WALK ON THE BEACH: There are other possibilities for feeling and sensing the Earth and Nature. Consider going to the beach and skipping pebbles on the water; walk in soft wet sand after the tide has gone out, and watch your feet sink into it. Allow your feet and body to sense the power of the sand, Mother Earth. Feel the closeness of yourself and the Universe. Finish your time on the beach by walking through every tide-pool you can see. If you find some beautiful shells, wash them off and take them home. Find a place to put them as a reminder of your time on the beach.

THE OLD AMERICAN ROPE TRICK: I dislike saying this, but you might check with some health professional before doing this next “fun thing.” Get a rope and practice skipping in your yard or garden. Then when you feel competent, go skipping along your neighborhood sidewalk. If you get some comments from neighbors, ask them to join you. Start a block skipping group. As usual, when you have finished, find a place, probably at home, to meditate on your feelings.

MAKING DAISY CHAINS: Something for a summer’s day: find a meadow, a paddock or even a park and sit down on the grass and make daisy chains. How to make one? Pick a number of daisies – twenty should do. Make sure they have longish stalks. Take a stalk and make a little slice in it with a finger nail, then take the next daisy and slot its stalk through the slice on the first daisy stalk. Keep on repeating. And lo! You have a daisy chain! Ask the daisies if it is all right to do this. This activity along with gardening, really puts you back in touch with Mother Earth and the planet.

A LAZY DAY WATCHING CLOUDS: While you are in a meadow, or even in a good park, or even a lawn at home, on a sunny day relax on the grass and simply watch the clouds drifting lazily on their way.

Observe how the clouds continually change form, and as you watch some will appear out of nowhere and others will disappear. Pick a small cloud and imagine, just imagine, you can make it disappear, and see what happens. Then watch anything in the sky that comes into view. A bird or even an aircraft. Observe your thoughts as you watch. If there is a large expanse of blue sky, observe it. Feel the space. Sense the power of the Universe. As you do this, realize that you have nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing to think about, just feel you are part of the Cosmos. Do this for at least ten minutes, perhaps half an hour, and then be conscious of any changes in your body, mind and spirit.

MAKING FACES: As your age progresses you may well notice that your face adopts heavy lines. Creases. The skin loses its flexibility. No matter what age you are, perform this on a regular basis, like every day. While carrying out your toilets in the morning, washing, showering, shaving, ready for make-up, gaze at your face in the mirror. Remember the teachings: no judging, no comments, no opinions, just live in the Here and Now.

When you feel ready, start making faces at yourself. Change your face to express the following words and hold the “face” for at least five to ten seconds or a slow count of one to ten.

Small smile, happy smile, broad grin, stupid grin, frown, angry frown, bright smile, gloomy, sad, very sad, frightened, aloof, laughing, ear-to-ear grin, small smile, relax.

These should take two to three minutes. Note how your face feels afterwards. You may well feel sensations from muscles you did not know they were there.

After performing this exercise on a daily basis for a few weeks you will notice that the skin on your face becomes more supple and alive, and overall, you will start to feel better and more alive.

How many people exercise their face muscles? We go to the YMCA three mornings a week and I rarely, if ever, see anyone exercising their faces. The face is the most important and single identification feature in peoples’ lives yet it’s the feature most ignored when it comes to exercising and natural revitalization.

If you cannot perform the above exercise, do this one. Make a broad grin at yourself in the mirror, and hold it there for thirty seconds. Look at yourself. Look into your eyes. Your energy will change.

Pick one or two of the activities and do them on a regular basis, and after a few weeks observe how you feel. You may well find your energy building up and changing positively. Other benefits will occur, such as gaining fresh confidence in life.

Just don’t play golf, like millions of others do to ease the boredom of retirement, home or office work. If you like golf, put on a baseball cap backwards and become a golf caddy. Volunteer. The worst they can do is pay you. It will give you exercise, you’ll hear lots of gossip, possibly hear some investment tips and your lungs will enjoy the fresh air. And you will avoid the stress of winning at golf.

Chances are some of these activities will make you react and declare: “I feel foolish,” “I can’t possibly do that,” or “I feel really childish.”

Childish? If you do, that’s what it’s all about. It’s learning to be a kid again and there’s no law against it, in fact the Universe is with you. The Universal Law of Attraction will bring other similar minded folk into your life. However, if you do have some serious blocks in performing the exercises I mentioned earlier – remember Impartial Self Observation, and do it without judgment, opinion, comment etc., and see what happens. You will be glad you did.

One more thing. In the foregoing exercises it is likely that you laughed and felt the energy move through your body.

Someone once said that “Laughter is the best medicine,” and this has been proved many times. Lord Byron said of laughter: “It is cheap medicine.” And so it is.

In a world where stress levels are soaring faster than a moon rocket and the rigors of the daily grind are getting you down, you would be surprised at what laughter can do for you.

Various researchers have shown that laughing lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, triggers the release of endorphins-- the body's natural painkillers--and produces a general sense of well-being. It is the key to a happier and much more healthier life.

Have you ever heard of Laughter Yoga? It is the brainchild of Dr.Madan Kataria, a physician from Mumbai, India who, with just a small group of people, launched the first Laughter Club in 1995. Today, Laughter Yoga has more than 6,000 Social Laughter Clubs in about 60 countries.

How does it work? It combines unconditional laughter with Yogic Breathing (Pranayama). Anyone can laugh for no reason, without relying on humor, jokes or comedy. Laughter is simulated as a body exercise in a group; with eye contact and childlike playfulness and it soon turns into real and contagious laughter.

The concept is based on a scientific fact that the body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter. Real or false laughter gets the same physiological and psychological benefits. You will find them at www.laughteryoga.org.

Laughter is invigorating and so is smiling. The old Taoist teachers said that both laughter and smiling created good health, happiness and a longer life.

In your favorite place for meditation and relaxation, bring a soft smile to your face and close your eyes. Continue to smile as you focus on your breathing. If you wish to go to your Sanctuary of the Mind and do the rest of the exercise there, that’s fine. You can do this anywhere that’s quiet.

Feel the smile on your face. You will sense the energy already spreading to different parts of your head. Say: “I fill my head with smiles and laughter.”

Next focus on your neck and shoulders and say: “I fill my neck and my shoulders with smiles and laughter.” Work slowly through your entire body, addressing each part as you did the first. Address each part: hands, arms, chest, heart, back, waist, stomach, internal organs, thighs, legs, ankles and feet. You may also include such parts as your bowels and private parts.

When you have finished, conclude by saying: “I fill my entire body with smiles and laughter. I send love and appreciation to every cell in my body.”

Spend several minutes relaxing within. Sense any new energies moving around your body. Then rise and get on with your life.

Throughout the meditation it is good if you can sustain a physical smile on your face, but do not worry if you fail, your body will understand and love you for it anyway.

This is an excerpt from INSIGHTS: The Healing Paths of the Radical Spiritualist by Robert Egby. Author-signed copies with free shipping, are available at INSIGHTS: The Healing Paths and any of his books at Robert Egby Books. They are also available at Amazon Books US and Amazon Books UK and world-wide at Book Depository World Wide.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Some Thoughts...


By Robert Egby

One of the people who reviewed my book “Cracking the Glass Darkly” described it as a “passport to freedom” which prompted a query: What is freedom?

Well, first of all it has absolutely nothing to do with the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights which guarantees freedoms of religion, speech, writing, publishing, peaceful assembly, etc.

The problem is much closer to home. Most people have minds that are virtual prisons, full of locks, bars and limitations. Most people do not even recognize them.

The baby, the youth, the growing adult absorb and remember everything that happens in their environment. A young child quickly learns the power of “No!” and from that follows anger, resistance, rebellion, hurt, worry, anguish and fear. As the years pass, the growing child copies criticism, judging, bitterness, tension, possession, prejudice, obsession and these become the power weapons of the human ego. Some mind researchers call them the faces of the negative ego – and some calculate the average human being has thousands of these negative faces.

The ego gains its power from memories, memories embedded deep and consciously forgotten in the subconscious mind. “If you’re not a good child, we won’t love you,” or “Don’t let kids push you around. Strike back!” or “Unless you achieve good marks you’ll never get anywhere,” or “No one will ever love you.”

The ego imprisons us with memories from the past; it keeps us in ruts. Relationships, careers, education, creative endeavors and health can suffer. Anger and possession are the key destroyers of relationships.

It’s known as suffering. Millions of people the world over are suffering from memories, conflicts, influences and do not even realize it. They live from one emotional disaster to another. In desperation they seek therapy and start to eradicate negative habits, prejudices and learn anger management, but if the source – the negative ego – still remains and is in charge, new faces will rise to take their place.

Buddha’s Four Noble Truths are based on universal suffering. Jesus, the Galilean teacher promised that if you followed his teachings you would be “saved” from suffering, and Paul of Tarsus described humankind’s suffering as “looking through a glass darkly.” Other mystical teachers throughout the ages, including Socrates and Plato pointed to the same problem afflicting humankind, but is anything done? Is anything done on a grand scale to eliminate the suffering and the prisons of human beings?

Strangely, the negative ego is an illusion but each person believes it is his or her true identity. “Anger is in my DNA” or “I can’t help being jealous, it’s in my blood,” or “Nobody ever loved me, why should I love you.”

The good news is there is a way out. There is a freedom from suffering. Like anything worth while it does take effort and it does require some patience. But each step normally produces results.

The False Self is like a criminal, it abhors the light, and here we are talking about the light of awareness. The technique is called Impartial Self Observation. It’s like a spotlight that shines on each face of the negative ego, and it is done without judging, comment or opinion. When the light of impartial observation shines on anger, bitterness, jealousy, revenge etc., these faces start to diminish, they start to recede, and eventually will never return.

Deep within you is a True Self, a self that is exactly the opposite of the False Self. It is that loving, sincere entity, the spirit within that has been trying to manifest in your life for years, but it’s been help captive behind the “glass darkly.” There is absolutely no reason – no reason at all – why a human being should not love himself or herself. The truth is that if you do not, it’s because someone, somewhere set up the parameters, the limitations that blocked your way to loving yourself.

You still don’t believe there is a True Self? Next time you cannot sleep because of so-called mind chatter, try this simple exercise. Decide you are going to watch and observe these thoughts, and decide you are going to watch them impartially, without judgment, opinion or comment. In other words will not associate yourself with the passing thoughts.

As each thought comes up, imagine you can place a number on it like “number one, “number two” etc. You’ll notice that when you get to six and seven, the thoughts will start to slow down, and by the time you get to eleven and twelve, you will be waiting for the next thought to come through…and somewhere in the waiting you’ll slip off into a deep, healthy sleep.

Next morning, ponder on what you have learned. You will discover an important truth: “If I can watch myself thinking and reacting, who or what is the Watcher, the Observer?” That power is the True Self and it is showing you the path to freedom from suffering. Go forth.

There are many descriptions on the work of Impartial Self Observation and breaking free from suffering and the False Self. Gurdjieff and Ouspensky taught it almost a century ago, and more recently Jean Klein and Vernon Howard. There is a complete and easy to follow program in my book “Cracking the Glass Darkly,” and that will get you started on your road to freedom.


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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sci-fi: Interview with a beautiful 900 year old Goddess

By Robert Egby

My latest book Unplugged: The Return of the Fathers is, like life, a bit of a mixture. Cross genre they call it. It is a mixture of deep history of Planet Earth and a sci-fi story that suggests if nuclear brinkmanship continues and worsens it may lead to extraterrestrial intervention in the near future. One of the supporting characters in the novel is the beautiful Alison Simonian who admits to being some 900 years old.

Egby: That’s a bit farfetched. Is it true?

Alison: Oh, yes. I’m a full-blooded Nibiruan and we have the habit of living extended lives, at least in comparison to your Earth time. Some Nibiruans live for thousands of your years. When our people mixed our genes with Homo erectus creatures from the jungles and wildlands, the results produced Homo sapiens in South Africa. Those early demi-gods like Adam and Eve, their descendants down to and including Noah’s family all lived extended lives of hundreds of years. This also included Abraham. You mention this in your book.”

Egby: Are Nibiruans immortal then?

Alison: When a Nibiruan is ready to expire physically they are induced into an hypnotic sleep and their body is frozen. It is systematically given new genes and biological building processes and when rejuvenated returns back to normal life on Nibiru.”

Egby: Much like Cryonics here on Earth.

Alison: Somewhat. Cyronics is limited to restoring the health of the body. Our process is more like your term reincarnation because the rejuvenated Nibiruan can return as his or her own self or assume a completely different personna. Aging is primarily a biological limitation.”

Egby: So that is how you overcame reincarnation?

Alison: (Smiles) No, we never had to overcome your idea of reincarnation. The seeds for you to live entirely different lives were implanted in your DNA and one day your scientists will discover the process. Scientists and others will be able to map a person’s cosmic jouney. Almost like a resume.

Egby: Your husband An-Nusku has lived hundreds of years. Explain to me how you manage such a long life on Earth when everyone else is expiring at seventy, eighty or ninety years. Don’t your Earth friends or acquaintances ever wonder why you stay so young?

Alison: We both serve identical postings on Earth – normally thirty or forty of your Earth years, then we return to Nibiru and rest and discard any anomalies picked up on your planet. Actually we go into training, catching up with latest developments on our home planet. Eventually we return to Earth with a different name and background. My current personality is an Armenian woman whose father was a professor of languages on the island of Cyprus.

Egby: That would account for the fact you speak a variety of languages including the ancient Cuneiform language of Babylon as we mentioned in my book. I know you do attend high profile conferences as an interpreter but do you ever teach languages like Cuneiform?

Alison: Oh, yes. An-Nusku my husband has been working with a young Israeli student in London who is doing quite well translating Akkadian and Mesopotamian clay tablets from the Sumerian civilization. Egby: Helping him to become another Zecharia Sitchin?

Alison: No! No one will ever replace Sitchin. But we do assist up and coming writers with potential to develop.

Egby: We saw some remarkable healing along the road into Canada and again at the Gathering. When did your people develop the ability to bring people back from the dead?

Alison: Our people were already performing resurrections at the time of the Sumerians. Marduk is on record as being brought back and Jesus the Galilean teacher performed a resurrection with Lazarus and others. It really developed after the nuclear wars which started among our people here on earth in 2024 BC and ultimately spread to Nibiru. Through the devastation some pilgrims from another star system and a civilization more advanced than ours came and taught a select band. That nucleus spread and now many Anunnaki possess the ability to resurrect people. It’s all in the use of energy which from comes from the Cosmic Father, the Creator, the True God.

Egby: That is quite an achievement.

Alison: Not really. It came as an ultimatum. Change or become extinct! That was their message. We chose change. Healing was one of the gifts bestowed upon the survivors on Nibiru on condition we remove all weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear bombs and even small arms. In return they taught us the principles of cosmic healing, the ability to read each other’s minds and how to maintain peaceful and healthy lives.

Egby: How was that accomplished?

Alison: We agreed to take gold off the precious metals list and terminate all religious teaching and texts. Hugh Geraint-Jones the archaeologist mentions it in your book that almost all wars that have existed on Earth since the Sumerian civilization have their origins in religious beliefs, greed and the struggle for power. All of which are synonymous with gold.

Egby: What was the reaction among the people?

Alison: Oh, not well. Not well at all. You see, Robert, before the nuclear devastation of 2024 BC there had been nine billion people living on Nibiru. After the war the Ascended Elders counted less than 5,000 survivors. The Elders started massive silent indoctrination programs via telepathy and quite soon after no one had any desire to possess nuclear weapons or weapons of any sort.

Egby: You really did not have any choice.

Alison: True. The Cosmic Council did allow the Ascended Masters – the visiting pilgrims - to show us how to accelerate our space probes at speeds far beyond your so-called speed of light. That is one ability the Anunnaki would be pleased to share with the Earth people. Not just interstellar transporters but the personal – what would you call them? Think and go flying units that are mentioned in the Mahabharata – Vimanas. Geraint-Jones has a particle of one in his cellar.

Egby: So do the Nibiruans have what we call a higher spiritual power?

Alison: You mean God? Oh, absolutely! There is a True God which is the spirit, the life force in all things. I will come and elaborate on that one day, if you so wish.

Egby: I would like that. But I am puzzled. The last time we had the pleasure of your company was at the Running Wind Ranch up in Canada and you had to leave to catch the interplanetary cruiser for home. How is it that you are here sitting in a chair on a deck overlooking Lake Ontario?

Alison: You’re bad, Robert. We thought you would not notice. The truth is I am actually sitting by a cozy fire in our dwelling on Nibiru. In simple terms you are talking to my astral body.

Egby: You are performing astral projection?

Alison: (Nodding) That is another of the teachings of the Elders. It’s being able to project one’s etheric body over vast distances and conduct an intelligent conversation.

Egby: Cool! May I hold your hand.

Alison: (laughs briefly) Of course.

Egby: That’s amazing. It’s almost as if you are on Earth in a physical body.

Alison: To all intents and purposes I am.

Egby: So really you are simply an illusion?

Alison: Do I feel like an illusion?

Egby: No you are here.

Alison: As Geraint-Jones often says about Earth people you need to get out of your box. Think about this. When we staged the Gathering there were only seven Nibiruans physically present in the complex. All the rest, all those attendants, security guards, they were all astral projections.

Egby: Wait a moment. Didn’t you say that all weapons were banned on Nibiru? How is it that your security people possessed and used arms when the complex was attacked?

Alison: Illusion, Robert. All was an illusion. However the whole thing worked. The attackers backed off.

Egby: And all with the power of your minds.

Alison: As Geraint-Jones would say: Absolutely!

Egby: Incredible. I never knew that and I always thought I was the author, the novelist, the creator.

Alison: (laughs lightly) Silly! We let you think that. We will be back another day. Au revoir! Adios!

And so saying Alison Simonian performed one of her fascinating attributes. She smiled, blew me a kiss and disappeared.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Educational, Enlightening and Heartwarming

By Robert Egby

Scientists, academics and skeptics have long cried out to metaphysical people, “Show us contact with spirits in the afterlife that can be repeated.” Paul Davids “The Life After Death Project” shows it being performed in a university laboratory—and it is repeated. It puts on the back-burners all those so-called ghost-busting hunts around haunted prisons, hotels and castles that frustratingly never seem to come up with any full blown evidence on film.

The Life After Death Project should tickle the hearts of movie-goers, skeptics and ardent believers alike. It should really give those die-hard spiritualists something to get ecstatic about.

When he was alive Forrest J. Ackerman became a Hollywood legend. He was a long-time science-fiction fan, writer, editor, and literary agent. For instance he represented Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov and other mainstream science-fiction writers. Famous for wordplay, he is credited with being the first to abbreviate science fiction to "sci-fi". He ultimately became known as “Mister Sci-fi.”

His Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine followed luminaries such as Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney and director George Pal and that host of space movies such as The Day the Earth Stood Still, War of the Worlds, etc. An artist once did a portrait of him with a clock behind that showed three minutes to twelve. That’s the exact time Ackerman died on December 4th 2008.

If Ackerman became a Hollywood legend in his physical life he is sure starting to create legendary status as an active spirit. A self-proclaimed non-believer in the afterlife his spirit comes back with a light hearted and provable vengeance.

When controversial movie producer and director Paul Davids (Sci-fi Boys, Jesus in India and The Transformers)started the Project four years ago extraordinary events started happening while the camera was recording. A clock that had not worked for ten years sounded the hour. In a professional science lab a computer mysteriously switches itself on. Papers would fall off a table or chair onto the floor neatly arranged.

What really started events occurred when Paul Davids was alone at home. He left some papers on a bed and returned a few minutes later to find that a line on a business document had been deliberately precisely inked out. It was exactly the precise editing style used by Ackerman.

Motivated to discover the origin of the ink, Davids’ trail led him to Dr. John Allison, Professor and Director of Forensic Chemistry at the College of New Jersey where they have specimens and data of inks used throughout the world. After considerable study Dr. Allison said he was unable to discover the origin of the ink. It was a mystery substance.

While Davids was filming an internationally known researcher and author in electronic spirit communication Mark Macy, unexplained phenomena became really evident. The film crew set up two independently operated cameras for the interview. For a while everything goes according to plan. Suddenly both cameras are subjected to severe electronic interference and this remains in the movie. Macy is the author of “Spirit Faces” and “The Project.”

The film rolls like an intriguing well-plotted detective story as Paul Davids interviews authors, professors, top line mediums and luminaries like Whitley Strieber, Dannion Brinkley and yes, Dr. Michael Shermer, Executive Director of the Skeptics Society is included.

It is the last thirty minutes that is a “must see” for any believer or non-believer in the afterlife. Enter the man who almost 20 years ago took the spotlight for the incredible study of a team of America’s top mediums including John Edward of TV’s “Crossing Over” and Allison DuBois, the inspiration for the TV drama “Medium.”

Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, is a professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry and surgery at the University of Arizona. He is also the Director of its Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health. He has written several controversial and bestselling books on the Afterlife and Mediumship.

For years scientists have told the world of spirit communicators – make it so that your experiments can be repeated and we will take notice.

Well, Gary Schwartz with a fascinating little box in an exciting scientifically controlled performance, gets Spirit to not only answer simple questions but has the experiment repeated several times. One can sense the desire among viewers to “Show us more!” I’m sure that they will.

The Life After Death Project movie is fast moving, well edited with great photography and shows clear unrefutable evidence that life does exist after death.

There is a second movie in the DVD package called “Personal Encounters” This is a collection by Paul Davids of fascinating interviews with many people from all walks of life who have experienced firsthand the phenomenon of life after death.
Surely this is a valuable documentary both for students of the Afterlife and Paranormal and also those doubters who need re-affirming that some form of active life exists after their final moments on Earth. It’s educational, enlightening and heartwarming.

A tailpiece: When our copy of the DVD came in from Amazon July 20th we immediately sat down that evening and watched it. As it finished my partner Betty Lou in her customary manner following a movie, picked up her Smartphone to check for email. She inadvertently hit the GPS button and what comes up? A map with the words clearly displayed: “Ackerman Road.” We were stunned! “Don’t spirits take any time off?” I commented.

Ackerman Road is about 12 miles from us in upstate New York. We’ve never been there and so far have no reason to go. Perhaps we should…”

One could ask the question “Why should Spirit want to make its presence known around us?” Well, for a start, two years ago Betty Lou and I attended the ASPE Conference – Alliance Studying Paranormal Experiences. It was there that Paul Davids showed a “rough cut” of his movie and so as a writer on Spirit Communications I have been following the progress of his “Project” ever since. Also I sense that “Mister Sci-fi” has so much energy he will continue to make his presence known from the Other Side quite often and in many places.

If you would like a copy of the DVD follow this link – and Enjoy!
The Life After Death Project

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